Gas prices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are hitting all-time highs amid tight worldwide oil supplies and increased demand as the industry feels the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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AAA Mid-Atlantic reports that the average gas price in New Jersey Sunday, March 6 hit $4.09 a gallon, breaking the old record of $3.99 set on July 8, 2008. The price is up 44 cents in the last week, 60 cents in the last month and $1.22 higher than a year ago. The Pennsylvania gas price average reached $4.17 per gallon March 6, setting a new record high price for the region after breaking a 14-year record high Saturday, March 5.

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Monday, March 7 at 4 a.m., a check of AAA saw the group reported the average for Regular in New York was $4.207, Sunday, March 6: $4.136 and a week ago it was $3.802

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