Is it me or are there two groups of people when it comes to the management of time?  It seems like there are those that are typically on time for any event and those that are always late.  I was always the kind of person that was on time.  NEVER late.  It was a rare occasion for me to be late and if I was, then I scolded myself for not planning properly and allowing for a traffic slow-down or some other unforeseen delay.  I never played the blame game for tardiness.

When I became a parent, I started being late for things that involved my children.  Ah, the unpredictability of getting a kid out of the house.  It's never as easy as it would seem.  Even now that my kids are older it's still difficult to get them out of the house in a timely fashion.  It's taken me a while to navigate that and compensate for the kids so that as a family, we are now (mostly) able to be on time for events.  I've decided that time management is a definite skill when you consider all that can happen to prevent you from being on time.  Some people don't possess that skill and will be "late to their own funeral" as the saying goes.  Are you one of those people? Take our poll.

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