The leaves hadn't even completely changed colors nor had my son even had a chance to wear his Halloween costume when the Christmas decorations went up in my house last year.

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Everyone thought that I'd completely lost my mind when I told them that my tree was up and everything was in its place by October 17. In my defense, 2020 was one of the worst years that any of us have ever lived through and I was so done with everything that by the time October rolled around, I was ready to fully embrace my favorite time of the year - Christmastime.

I used to wait until Black Friday to put up my decorations, but in the last few years, the Christmas creep has been starting earlier and earlier. My husband and I don't have any family nearby and instead of traveling or having people over, we reserve Christmas for our little family to celebrate alone. Since we don't generally have family visiting at the end of October through November it means there's no one around to judge our decision to decorate for Christmas early.

Forget what you've been told through the years about not rushing things and waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate. Fall decorations can come out in September but why should we have to wait until December to decorate for Christmas? Why is fall deserving of multiple months of decorations but not Christmas? Christmas is a magical time of year and deserving of more than 31 days of celebration.

If you want to decorate early but feel like you need more ammo to back your decision, consider firing out this when your in-laws make some sort of snarky comment about decorating so early: people who decorate for Christmas early are happier. So, there (insert raspberries).

Psychologists say that people who decorate their homes for Christmas earlier than others experience a really nice mood lift and are generally happier. As a matter of fact, the earlier you decorate, the happier you're likely to be. So let the naysayers be the Grinches they choose to be. All you have to worry about is yourself and this is the validation, the permission if you will, to deck your halls!

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