Streets ahead, gang! After a somewhat surprising fifth season renewal for our beloved 'Community,' it seems NBC has yet another trick up its sleeve. Ousted 'Community' showrunner Dan Harmon has confirmed his return to the series, one year after Sony TV parted ways with the show's creative helmer, but will Harmon's return officially right the course for what could be 'Community''s final year?

Though it had initially seemed a pipe dream, the ex-'Community' showrunner has officially confirmed over Twitter that he will return to the series for its upcoming fifth season. The deal remains unofficial between Sony TV and NBC as of yet, but Harmon put aside his previously joking tweets to officially confirm the news, as the series' cast began celebrating the return in their own profiles.

Interestingly, Harmon made a point to thank series star Joel McHale in acknowledging the news, as HitFix reports that cast members of the series had reportedly pushed Sony to give Harmon another chance given their dissatisfaction over replacement showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio's scripts. Harmon-era writer Chris McKenna will also reportedly return, but it remains to be seen how Harmon will acknowledge Port and Guarascio's tenure during the fourth year, which led to Jeff (McHale) ultimately graduating Greendale.

We'll bring you the latest on Harmon's return, but in the meantime what say you? Are you happy to have Dan Harmon back, even if 'Community''s as-yet-unscheduled fifth season proves to be the last? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, after the celebratory video!

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