Have you been watching NBC's "America's Got Talent"?  I'm a big fan of that show.  In fact, I think it is one of the most entertaining shows on TV.  During the auditions, you get to witness people following their dreams and the talent across America is crazy good!  The best part about the show is that you never know what type of act is going to come on stage next.  It's simply full of fabulous surprises.

One of my favorite acts this week was done by young, aspiring singer Miguel Dakota who performed "Come Together" by the Beatles.  I have to say that I've seen this song covered more than enough times on different TV singing competition shows and I've never liked what I heard.  It's very difficult to perform an iconic song that everyone knows and loves, but Miguel and his band changed it up and modernized it.  It's the only time I've really liked hearing someone else do this song.  Check it out above in the video and you'll also get a brief backstory about Miguel Dakoka.

If you want to catch "America's Got Talent", it's not the kind of show you can't just jump into watching, it's on NBC Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 9pm.

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