Shortly after NBC made the surprising decision to renew 'Community' for a fifth season, rumors naturally made the rounds that series creator and ousted showrunner Dan Harmon could potentially return, however unlikely the prospect might have seemed. Now, new reports have lent credence to the possibility, so find out if Dan Harmon will really return for 'Community' season 5 inside!

We can still remember the heartbreak of learning 'Community's fourth season renewal would come with the price of creative visionary Dan Harmon, so we're not looking to get our hopes about 'Community's fifth year, currently reserved for NBC's midseason. Even so, new reports from HollyWookiee (huh?) have emerged suggesting Harmon recently touted the possibility on his HarmonTown podcast, before quickly covering his tracks

As soon as Dan said it, he asked that it be edited out of the podcast and it was just for us audience members(and I wasn’t going to say a word) but soon after that Dan said “Ahhh F--- it. I don’t care who knows!” He jokingly said that he would only return if they brought Chevy Chase back too but even he couldn’t stop laughing at that idea.

It's hardly a reputable confirmation of the idea, but it certainly doesn't hurt that a number of veritable sources have confirmed that Sony TV had at least considered the possibility. Were Harmon really to return, it isn't known what would become of current showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio, who only occasionally found the show's footing in season 4.

Well, what say you? Would Harmon's return to 'Community' return our beloved Greendale to its former glory? Are you looking forward to season 5?

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