On Tuesday, Chobani Yogurt announced that the New Berlin, NY based company is increasing its yogurt donations across the country by sending a truckload of product per day to different areas. Chobani had been making donations every week and has donated as much as a million cups of yogurt in just the last few weeks, but now the yogurt company will also be trucking product to more locations where front line workers need and deserve nutritious food.

CEO and Chobani Founder Hamdi Ulukaya says, "While we’re supporting the immediate needs of our families & communities facing this crisis — partnering with local & state government, nonprofits, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, shelters and beyond — we’ve also taken a hard look at what will be needed in the weeks & months well after this virus does its worst."

Commenting on Twitter, Ulukaya stated, "today we’re launching
@Chobani Pantry to help our heroes at local #foodbanks. Our goal is simple: to make these places where hope gathers & families are nurtured, providing critical support to all communities in the weeks & months ahead https://lnkd.in/eA9fMVc.

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