If you want something done, do it yourself.  That old adage seems to apply to an initiative started by two young Cherry Valley girls who wanted to begin making improvements to their local playground.

Cherry Valley, N.Y. Girl Scouts, Bailey Thayer and Zola Palmer, wanted to make a difference in their community and are upgrading their playground.

They began raising funds by selling hot cocoa and mulled cider earning $250 towards their service project, and now they've started a GoFundMe to rally community support. The girls say in their fundraiser, "We feel so proud that one day we will have created part of the playground kids will be playing on. It can show other kids that if they believe in themselves they can do anything."

The girls even created a short, fun video (below) of a fundraiser they held to help their playground efforts.

We applaud these two young girls and their project!

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