Otsego County board Chairman (Rep.) David Bliss has a challenger in the upcoming November 2, 2021 elections. According to AllOTSEGO, business owner and Democrat Charles Varney, who operates the Cooperstown Underground Barbershop on Main Street has announced he intends to run against Bliss for district 7 (includes Cooperstown, Towns of Middlefield, Roseboom and Cherry Valley) on the Otsego County Board of Representatives.

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Varney cites poor county response to COVID-19, mismanagement of finances and a decline in service by the county as reasons for his run. Varney, a Milford Central School graduate, attended Mohawk Valley Community College and worked as a respiratory therapist before opening his own business.


He, his wife Deanna and their 11-year-old daughter Keara live in Cherry Valley.

Charles Varney (Credit: AllOTSEGO)
Charles Varney (Credit: AllOTSEGO)


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