When you live in a small town like Mechanicville and want to make a statement, or in this case, a promposal, you use the one main sign in the heart of the city. Jason Carron Jr. (JJ) used the Mechanicville McDonald's sign to do the asking for him. The thing is, his girlfriend almost didn't see it.

JJ works at the Mechanicville McDonald's and his mom suggested that he go big and prom-pose on the sign. JJ asked his General Manager, Jessica, if that was an option and she loved the idea. The plan was to put it up right away because JJ's girlfriend was going on vacation. Well, it was raining and it was impossible to put up. The next day they were able to get the prom-posal up and people started to see it. The problem was, his girlfriend had already left for a road trip with her family to South Carolina.

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JJ said that everyone passing through town, in the drive-thru, and those who live in Mechanicville and Stillwater started to see it. Someone snapped a picture and posted it on social media where it got 1500 shares. It made its way to Luci, JJ's girlfriend, in South Carolina, and of course, she said YES! JJ and Luci will attend the Mechanicville High School senior prom on June 4th.

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Being from Mechanicville I can say that when you want to get a message out, the way to do it is to display it on the McDonald's sign. In fact, when my grandmother Cavotta turned 100, the sign told everyone in the city. It also helps if you know someone who works there. My step-brother worked at that McDonald's at the time.

Chrissy Townsquare Media

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