Home Depot’s slogan is “How Doers Get More Done”. But the home improvement chain probably never intended a “doer” to DYI barcodes to get discounts at the self check-out.

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New York State Police say 37-year-old Jeffrey Gordon of Syracuse is accused of doing just that over two dozen times at Home Depot stores around central and northern New York.

Handcuffs And Fingerprints
Photo: Blake David Taylor

Troopers say the Home Depot Loss Prevention Office in Camillius contacted the State Police after they said they discovered Gordon was creating barcodes for lower amount items, scanning the fake barcodes at the self-checkout and paying his self-created discounted price.

Investigators say they think Gordon played the scam at least 28 times from November 2020 through this past February at stores in several municipalities and a couple counties, with thefts estimated at around $10,000.

The Syracuse man is charged with three felony counts of grand larceny and one misdemeanor count of petit larceny.

He was released and ordered to appear in court at later date.

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