Basic Bike Check Before Hitting The Road
This past week, the weather finally warmed up enough for my family to get the bikes out for the the first time this season.  Finally!  Of course if you've ever run into bike trouble after hitting the road, then you know the value of checking your bike first.
Discover Oneonta’s Very Own Planetarium
SUNY Oneonta is home to a state-of-the-art planetarium which may be small (seats 26) but impresses star gazers non-the-less with up-close, sharp image views of the cosmos. If you've never seen a show, plan ahead because shows sell out fast...
Radio Gets The Nod Today
Today, February 13th is "Radio Day", honoring a wonderful medium of delivering entertainment, news, and weather to audiences, well before TV or internet came about.  If you're like me, radio was a household staple growing up in rural New York.
Cooperstown Winter Carnival: Feb. 6 to 8
Looking to break out and have some fun?  Cooperstown has you covered this weekend, February 6th - 8th with 2015 Winter Carnival.  This long-standing tradition of celebrating winter fun and what our region has to offer promises something for everyone.
Winter Fun Is Out The Door [Photos]
If you live in Upstate New York, then you well know that winter is looooong!  Everybody complains about the deep freeze of it all, the snow, and the lack of sunlight.  It's easy to get the winter blues.
7 Food Life Hacks Sure To Please
I'm a big fan of finding better and quicker ways of getting things done so I was excited when I discovered the Crazy Russian who specializes in life hacks on quite a wide variety of things.
Since a lot of people are now focused on eating healthy and doing things better, these life hacks seemed a…

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