By: Kelli Whitman

Not sure what to do with the kids on those snowy days? Time to get a little creative! These activities will keep them busy playing in the snow all day.

-  A new take on the snowman: snow animals!
Pack and form the snow in different shapes and sizes to create different animals. Decorate with sticks and pebbles.

-  Snowflake watching
Put a piece of black paper in the freezer for 30 minutes. As the snowflakes fall on the piece of paper, you can see that not one snowflake is the same. Best if you have a magnifying glass too.

-  Snowball bullseye
Draw a target on a piece of cardboard and attach it to a tree. Have the kids practice their pitch to see who can hit the target.

-  Ice cube scavenger hunt
Make colored ice cubes by freezing water mixed with food coloring, in ice cube trays. Hide the ice cubes in the snow and whoever finds the most, wins.

- Footprint tag
A spin off of regular tag, but rules are you can only step in each other’s footprints.

- Ice bubbles
Blow bubbles and watch as they freeze before your eyes.

-  Snow graffiti
In spray bottles, mix water and a little bit of food coloring. Spray in the white snow to create snow masterpieces.

Finish off the day with warm hot cocoa and there is the perfect snow day!

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