Following a large amount of snowfall, causing snow emergencies across Central New York, NY, Troop C State Police responded to a 9-1-1 call from a stranded driver who had gone off the road in the Town of Owego (Campville area). According to police, they had trouble locating the driver, not being able to spot any vehicle off the road where the driver had described he was located.

It wasn't until Sergeant Jason Cawley saw what appeared to be a row of mailboxes along the road and waded through the snow to check the addresses. While digging, he hit the windshield of a car which hadn't been visible under all the snow. Inside the car was the driver who had been making 911 call, Kevin Kresen, 58, of Candor.

Credit: NY State Police Troop C
Buried vehicle  (Credit: NY State Police Troop C)

It turns out the vehicle had been covered in snow by a passing snow plow and was covered in 4 feet of snow. Kresen had been trapped in his vehicle for more than 10 hours before being discovered. He had had no heat due to a broken belt and was suffering from hypothermia and frostbite. Kresen was extracted from the vehicle and taken to Lourdes Hospital for treatment.

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