Like they typically do, Budweiser will be featuring their famous Clydesdales in one of their 2013 Super Bowl commercials. We're still not quite sure what they signify. (Budweiser: so good even a giant horse will drink it?)

When the spot begins we meet a seven-day-old Clydesdale foal. We see the adorable little horse being raised by its handler, as the Fleetwood Mac song 'Landslide' plays in the background. (Clearly, you should be acknowledging that you are about to cry at this point.) After some training and some tender loving care, the Clydesdale is big and skilled enough to go work for Budweiser as one of the venerable brand's famous mascots.

Fast forward three years later and the handler reads that the Budweiser Clydesdales are coming to Chicago. So he drives to the parade hoping to catch up with his old friend.

At first it seems his buddy doesn't remember him, and marches by him with no acknowledgement. But when the parade is done, and the handler is headed home, dejected, the horse begins running toward him. They meet in the middle of the street and embrace. Well, the man hugs the horse. If a Clydesdale tried to embrace somebody it would probably end in tragedy. Anyway, what's important is that now you're crying.

The foal at the beginning of the commercial really was seven-days-old when the ad was shot, and Budweiser wants help naming the little fellow. So when you're finished wiping away your tears, you can tweet your name suggestions to #Clydesdale.

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