Dr. Tommy Ibrahim, president and CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network has announced two new executive team members: Reginald Knight, MD, MHA has been appointed as  Chief Physician Executive and Denise Robinson, DNP, MPH, RN, WOCN is now Chief Nurse Executive.

Dr. Reginald Knight (Credit: Bassett Healthcare Network)

As the new senior vice president, chief physician executive for Bassett, Dr. Reginald Knight will work in partnership with the new chief nurse executive Denise Robinson to "drive physician engagement, performance and alignment with the network as well as service line development to ensure quality care, reduction in clinical variation, improved access and an optimal patient experience".

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Dr. Knight has served as vice president of Medical Affairs at A.O. Fox Hospital for more than five years and is the director of Bassett’s Spine Care Institute and most recently, Dr. Robinson served as chief nursing officer for Loma Linda University Medical Center in California.

Denise Robinson (Credit: Bassett Healthcare Network)









To learn more about these new appointments, click here.

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