Do you remember, back in the 1970's, a barn, on Rt. 7 in Emmons, that featured on its roof, Snoopy and WoodstockThis morning, Ted Muehl and I got to talking about that very barn which as it turns out belongs to his uncle, Michael Muehl.  In 1987, Mr. Muehl was contacted by an Attorney representing United Feature Syndicate, which distributes comic strips to hundreds of newspapers nationwide and who wanted the likeness of Snoopy and Woodstock removed due to copyright infringement.

Michael Muehl was dumbfounded, saying that he did it just 'because he liked Snoopy and the comic strip.  He thought that people would like to see Snoopy and Woodstock on his barn roof.  And we certainly did.  I remember seeing that as a kid all the time and smiling every time I saw it, while heading down the I88 corridor.

When Muehl was forced to remove Snoopy and Woodstock from his barn roof, he cleverly put up a sign in their place that read, "Doggone".  It was certainly fun while it lasted, wasn't it?


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