This summer will mark 53 years since the Woodstock Music & Art Fair was held in Bethel, New York. Where has the time gone?  I wonder if it would have sounded any better or worse if it were named the Bethel Music & Art Fair after the concert site was changed to the Bethel site?

Because of Woodstock's rich history, I love the fact that the site at Bethel was transformed into what it is today - the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts to honor the festival and its history with a museum and be an amphitheater for major concerts, along with preserving the site of the original festival.

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If you've been to Bethel Woods, you know what I mean. And this year, in addition to many great concerts happening at the amphitheater, the Museum at Bethel Woods is looking for stories from those who attended the 1969 Woodstock festival.

"Realizing the average age of Woodstock attendees is 75 years old, now is the time to find the lost stories of the festival and save their place in history. In order for the impact of Woodstock to be felt 100 years from now, collecting oral histories of this iconic festival is critical. It is our goal to find as many attendees as possible and document their firsthand experiences, which will also inspire the next generation of young artists, musicians, and music lovers." - Neal V. Hitch, Senior Curator, The Museum at Bethel Woods.

I think that's a great idea. I would have loved to be at the Woodstock festival, but I know a couple of people who were there. Almost half a million people attended the festival and there's most likely an interesting story from each person.

These stories and experienced will be an amazing addition to the history of the festival for people to read and hear about for decades to come. The goal is to gather at least 4,500 oral histories of the Woodstock experience.

If you want to be a part of this project or have a Woodstock story to share, contact or visit the Bethel Woods Alumni site.

via Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

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