If your parents are like mine, they pretty much keep almost anything they've ever gotten. At least it sure seems that way.  They hang onto things because "you just never know when you're gonna need (fill in the blank)____ ".  And yes, that includes items that the average person would probably use once in their lifetime.

So now that my folks are trying to downsize what they have, they have started dumping stuff off at my house.  In fact, every time they come over, they bring a box of something with them.  That box is filled with "really good stuff" according to them of course and they think that my husband and I can't possibly do without these items.

The latest dropped off items were Tupperware.  When I was growing up, we had the set pictured above.  Guess where that ended up?  In the box my parents brought over the other day.  The selling point to get us to keep it, "Look how long this has lasted! You can't kill this Tupperware!"  That may be true, but you can't ignore the pure ugliness of the set and the chew marks on cups from us kids.  Ewww! There's not even one little part of me that feels like I need to have this Tupperware. So what do I do?  I certainly don't want it, but in my quest to help my parents get rid of a lifetime's worth of stuff, I smile, gratefully accept the box of ugly Tupperware, knowing full well, it's on the next trip the Salvation Army.  After all, one man's junk is another man's treasure.