Remember the pig that got loose in Unadilla last month? They say pigs are smart and that must be true because "Myles" managed to escape from a Unadilla auction house and the inevitable fate of the slaughterhouse.  He evaded capture in Unadilla for a while, with all kinds of community volunteers searching for the pig on the lam.

It was our own Townsquare Media's "Big Chuck" who contacted Erin Insigna, Executive Director of the Delaware Valley Humane Society after spotting Myles the pig on the loose, running down a Unadilla sidewalk.

Myles slipped by his would-be captors for five days, covering a lot of miles in the Unadilla area.  Volunteers ultimately captured Myles, who was then purchased by the Delaware Valley Humane Society for $10 so that he could escape his dreadful fate and be cared for short term until finding a safe home elsewhere.

After spending enjoyable time at the shelter with plenty of adoring attention, Myles will be adopted out to a family in Vermont who plans on making him a part of their family and not part of a dinner.

Three cheers for the all the great people who helped to care for Myles and help him find a loving family to care for him! A happy ending to an endearing Unadilla tale.


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