I was today years old when I learned there's a celebrity owned brewery in Margaretville, New York. The brewery is Faith American Brewing Company, and the celebrity is Kelsey Grammer, star of Cheers, Frasier, and Down Periscope.

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Early Roots in the Region

Grammer has been a frequent visitor to the region for a long time. From the Faith American website: "Having visited the Catskills as a boy and spent some of my most precious days here, I always suspected I would have a future with these mountains. Twenty-eight years ago, the land was bought that is the home to Faith American."

He noticed that times had been tough in the area where the brewery was established, and one of the goals of Faith American Brewing Company was to help bring Delaware County back to prosperity.

A Simple, Yet Varied Lineup

Faith American offers four varietals, and they're all made in Delaware County. There's an ale, an IPA called Calico Man, a New England style IPA called Blue, and Calico Moonlight, an 8.9% ABV India Pale Ale.

Where Will He Be Appearing?

Grammer is taking his show on the road and will be guest bartending and sharing his brew at two Otsego County businesses on Friday, October 27th.

Autumn Cafe via Facebook
Autumn Cafe via Facebook

First, he will visit Oneonta's Autum Cafe starting at 1pm where he will be behind the bar slinging brews, chatting with guests, and talking about his brewery and beers. Reservations are required. For more information, click this link.

Later in the day, Grammer will be whisked away to do it all over again, this time in Cooperstown. At 4pm, he will be appearing at the Upstate Bar and Grill to once again act as a guest bartender to promote his beer. Live music by Phil Arcuri starts at 4pm.

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