Yes ARW – the version of Yes featuring singer Jon Anderson, guitarist Trevor Rabin and keyboardist Rick Wakeman – have released a video featuring their live performance of “Rhythm of Love,” which is taken from their upcoming Live at the Apollo video and album.

The set -- which arrives on Sept. 7 in DVD, Blu-ray, vinyl and CD -- was recorded during the band’s show in Manchester, U.K., in 2017 and forms part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. It featuring the veteran trio alongside bassist Lee Pomeroy and drummer Lou Molio III.

“Rhythm of Love” originally appeared on the 1987 album Big Generator, when Anderson and Rabin were both members of Yes. Wakeman was not in the group at the time.

You can watch the video below.

Yes ARW revealed their first original song, “Fragile,” in July, and in a new interview, Rabin confirmed there’s likely to be more in the future. “There is a lot of music that's been written and stuff that's been passed backwards and forwards,” he told Billboard. "I have no idea whether that's in the cards or not, but it's certainly not something I'm against and it's not something Jon or Rick is against. We've been offered a number of record deals but we don't want to commit to that, so we've turned them down. Doing a record contract is not something we want to do, and if we record then we'll record first and then decide what to do with it. There won't be some announcement that Yes signs to whatever. That's not something we're even interested in."

Discussing the controversy of the trio claiming the Yes name, even though another band featuring guitarist Steve Howe is also using it, Rabin said, “Frankly, as far as having the right to use the name legally and ethically, I think Jon has more right than anyone. He's the only original living member right now and he's the singer and one of the prime writers. So from that point of view I think calling this Yes is a pretty honest appraisal. I'm just happy to be part of it, whatever it's called."

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