I love it when fun and a good cause come together and that is certainly the case with the "Pumpkins-in-the-Park" event this Saturday, October 19th in the upper level of Wilber Park in Oneonta, NY (park in lower level).  I have enjoyed this family fundraiser many times with my kids and highly recommend it for very inexpensive Fall family fun.  It takes place from 11am to 4pm and benefits the St. Mary's Food Bank which serves many families throughout the greater Oneonta area and even into Delaware County.  This wonderful organization has had their funding drastically reduced and they need your help!  All you have to do is come out and enjoy this free event with your family.  One of the highlights of the event is a pet parade of dressed up furry friends (maybe some non furry ones?) at noon.  That event alone is worth coming out for since it's hilarious to see all the animals dressed up and the looks on their faces as they parade around for all to see!  Call 432-3920 ext. 212 to sign your pet up. Remember, it's not just for dogs!

Below listen in as Food Bank Director Janice Hinkley gives out event details and talks about how much the Food Bank is depended upon by local families.

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