It' National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day today and if you are like most people, it's the kind of thing you put off until you realize it's just too gross to leave it the way it is.  How often is that on average?  According to the Wall Street Journal, most Americans clean out the fridge once or twice a year. I guess I'm average since I find myself doing that chore about twice a year.  Of course if something messy happens to spill in the refrigerator, I am forced to clean that up.

So how often are we actually supposed to clean out the refrigerator to keep it nice and fresh?  According to US Government guidelines, we should all be cleaning out our leftovers once a week and tossing foods that are expired, plus doing a thorough cleaning of the entire fridge 4 times a year.

All I can say to those guidelines is...oops! I guess it's time to get cleaning.

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