Well, here we are again. The days are getting shorter, the leaves are slowly beginning to turn. Right on our horizon is Han Solo season where folks dress like the famed space pirate: boots, jeans, vests, light colored long sleeve shirts.

With that comes a cup in hand that glorifies the season. But we are not all the same. Some are team pumpkin spice, and others are team apple cider. Memes suggesting preference of one over the other abound, many offering to throw hands over the subject. Let's drill down the attributes of the two major players, apple cider and pumpkin spiced beverages.

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Pumpkin spice folks, I have some news for you

Listen. If you thought that pumpkin spice beverages have any kid of pumpkin anything then you'd be wrong. It's a common misconception that there's actual pumpkin in pumpkin spice. The word that's commonly left out, and might explain things is pie. The correct name is pumpkin pie spice and is generally a blend of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and occasionally allspice. Starbucks is to blame. Pumpkin spice latte debuted in January 2003 at the chain as a seasonal drink, and a juggernaut was born. It's currently the chain's most popular seasonal drink. 20 years later, and there's pumpkin spice everything. This just in, Dude Wipes has released DUMPkin Spice, a mélange of  of clove, nutmeg, and other fall scents to wipe your bum with. We've so jumped the shark as a society.

Apple cider, America's fall drink

There might be just a smidge of bias here, but look where we live. If you grew up in the Northeast, you've been sipping apple cider since you were in utero. Our area is home to multiple apple orchards and cider mills. One of the best parts about fall is hitting a local orchard or mill, grabbing a gallon and a warm dozen apple cider doughnuts, and cruising down a rural road while gorging yourself a la Slimer in that hotel scene in Ghostbusters. Cider is served throughout the fall and winter, and can be served hot or cold depending on temps and preference.

You Decide!

Which is your favorite fall bevvy? Let us know in the comments! Let the best concoction win.

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