Chances are, if you've purchased a product that isn't food and comprised of a single part, you've had to assemble it in some way.  Is it me or is everything today "some assembly required"?  There was a time when I was younger and life was much simpler that I would have loved to dive into assembling purchases but those days are done!  I have a busy family life and time is too precious to monkey around with putting together products. And the item is never as easy to assemble as the terrible "how-do" directions depict!  You feel lucky if the ending result remotely resembles the picture of the product on the box.

Why do manufacturers do this to us?  We all know the reason to that--to save money of course.  Why spend the money on extra packaging and labor to have items come all put together when you can have the consumer do it?  They even manage to get more money out of us by adding a cost if you want them to assemble it for you.  Sneaky right?

I say bring back products already assembled!  We pay way too much for things to deal with that nonsense of putting it together!

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