Over the holiday break, I ran into a national article chock full of stories from medical facilities. Most had a solid dose of humor to them. Since people in Otsego County regularly visit medical facilities, I figured I'd bring the topic close to home. I posed the question, and you wrote in with your responses. Some of these...oof.

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All up in the business

"While I was pregnant with my youngest, towards the end, one of the nurses was checking my dilation. While elbow deep in my personal business, essentially making me a hand puppet, she told me I had pretty eyes. She sat there for what felt like eternity, but realistically maybe 7 seconds just staring at my eyes while elbow deep. I didn’t know what to do. I batted my eyes and said thank you. It was a tad weird after that. Once my son was born, they tried to circumcise him twice." -Dolly, Cherry Valley

Ladies first!

"My son is 14 and has long hair like a lot of the kids today. We recently had a routine checkup visit at one of the local medical centers. Two different staffers referred to us as ladies when dealing with us. My son turned red, I laughed, and we decided to roll with it. I hoped they'd have things figured out once they opened his chart. Otherwise, the visit would have been pretty awkward." -Anne, Decatur

Are you 100% sure?

"When I was about 4 months pregnant, I went to the ER. This was fairly common, I was visibly pregnant and had had at least 3 ultrasounds at this point and a positive test in office...all done at local clinics. The ER doctor comes in and asks 'are you sure you're pregnant...how do you know'? A nurse sprinted in and was like 'did he really just ask that'? The doctor clearly did not have any bedside manner and did not read my chart." -Rosie, Otsego County

This patient has jokes!

"I always enjoy scaring my new doctors or new nurses. I have a hole in the back of my throat. So when they do their exams, of course they look in your mouth. They always ask about it-as if I don’t know I have it. So when they ask, I act surprised and they’re confused and worried about the hole in my throat and then they don’t find it as funny as I do. Whack. -Molly, Cooperstown

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