This past weekend, I went to visit some friends in Brattleboro, VT.  This small city features a fun downtown shopping experience for locals and visitors and while I was there, I ended up using a public restroom that featured a hand-dryer I had never seen before: The Dyson Airblade.  Talk about hi-tech!  With this particular hand-dryer, the user has to stick their hands down into the machine, which then blasts air at both hands, drying them.

I am used to the traditional public restroom hand-dryers where you simply stick your hands underneath it as it blasts air onto your hands.  Comparing the two, I can not say that the fancy Dyson dryer did any better than the simpler models, and I found it awkward to use.  I didn't feel that it dried my hands any faster than traditional models.  And it's very expensive!  I saw it listed on-line for $1349.00!  That's about double what the simpler ones cost.

What a waste of money!  If you've never seen one of these, then check out the demonstration video below.

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