A new interpretation of Led Zeppelin classic “Kashmir” played by Marcin Patrzalek is reducing several rock stars to expressions of complete astonishment.

The 20-year-old Polish percussive guitarist, who simply goes by Marcin, won a TV talent show in his native country in 2015. He's since become known for a custom technique where he uses his acoustic instrument as a drumkit while also playing the strings at a virtuoso level.

A new Instagram post finds Marcin covering of “Kashmir” in a multi-story parking garage, with the acoustics assisting in his dramatic delivery. It can be seen below.

Kiss co-founder Paul Stanley simply tweeted “Wow!," while Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello added: “Some people are just really talented.” Living Colour’s Vernon Reid said “Jimmy Page ain’t seen that coming!”

Marcin says he started developing his own way to play at the age of 10. “I had no teacher, so I started to experiment and create my own ideas and techniques,” he told Stage and Screen in 2019. “I would look at the internet and combine really different contrasting ideas myself.”

He added: “It’s so new, and fresh that it differs a lot – everybody plays it differently, as everybody has their own experiments. … When I travel, I hear many different opinions, and the one I am most happy about is when people say they’ve never seen something like this before.”

Marcin has previously covered Queen’s “Innuendo” and Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” both of which can be seen below.


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