Alan Parsons has released a video for the song “I Can’t Get There From Here,” taken from his upcoming album The Secret – his first in 15 years.

The new song features guest vocals by Jared Mahone, while the video contains scenes from the movie 5-25-77, which explores the adventures of a young director struggling to contain his excitement over the looming release of the first Star Wars film in 1977.

Even though it had a short theatrical run in 2017, 5-25-77 has never received a general release after spending 13 years in production. “I Can’t Get There From Here" was written by Patrick Reed Johnson, who also wrote and directed the movie and the new video.

You can watch the video below.

“We wanted to go back to the basic stylistic values of the albums past," Parsons told Billboard of his latest LP. “We set out to come up with songs that could've been released on, say, Eye in the Sky or I, Robot or any of those albums. One of the things that people have said about my music is that it's timeless – the various albums could've been released in reverse order and no one really would've noticed the difference. I'm kind of stuck in a '70s/'80s time zone, I think, unable to escape it.”

Among the other guest vocalists on the album, which comes out on April 26, are ex Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm, who sings “Sometimes,” and Jason Mraz, who sings “Miracle.”

You can see the full track listing and guest list below.

Alan Parsons, ‘The Secret’ Track Listing
1. “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” (instrumental)
2. “Miracle” (lead vocal: Jason Mraz)
3. “As Lights Fall” (lead vocal: Alan Parsons)
4. “One Note Symphony” (lead vocal: Todd Cooper)
5. “Sometimes” (lead vocal: Lou Gramm)
6. “Soirée Fantastique” (lead vocal: Todd Cooper, Alan Parsons)
7. “Fly To Me” (lead vocal: Mark Mikel)
8. “Requiem” (lead vocal: Todd Cooper)
9. “Years Of Glory” (lead vocal: PJ Olsson)
10. “The Limelight Fades Away” (lead vocal: Jordan Huffman)
11. “I Can't Get There From Here” (lead vocal: Jared Mahone)



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