Um, here kitty, kitty? Maybe not, judging by the size of the cat spotted by a trail camera near Richfield Springs last week, just 30 minutes from Utica.

Jack Kleban, who lives in Richfield Springs, posted the picture of the big cat - perhaps a bobcat - which he says was captured on his trail cam. You can see Canadarago Lake in the background.

There's no question the cat isn't some kind of domestic animal, and judging by the photo, it's quite large.

On Jack's Facebook post, another commenter thought he had seen the same cat. Bernie Mayton says he's seen that type of cat before. "They have been there for years. We lived (straight) across from there. About 10 or 15 years ago me and my son were calling turkeys and had put up a decoy and my son says, "Dad look!" and 20 yards away was the biggest Bobcat I've ever seen. He was ready to attack the decoy until I moved and he ran."

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Bobcats can weigh more than 30 pounds, and males are about 1/3 larger than females. Length for males is about 34 inches and 30 inches for females. Bobcats are solitary animals, and can range anywhere from 33 to 136 miles in the Adirondacks - with males males ranging further, according to the DEC.

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