If you still have bird feeders up, after seeing this video you might just take them down.

It's That Time Of Year

Winter scene. Thaw

Spring is here and the ice and snow will disappear. Spring also comes with a pretty big issue for homeowners in New York State.

Photo by Geoff Brooks on Unsplash
Photo by Geoff Brooks on Unsplash

Bears Are Waking Up

Come spring bears awake from their yearly hibernation. When that happens, these beasts of the wild are extremely hungry and will get their paws on anything they can to eat. New York a few weeks back had advised how to prevent these animals from targeting your yard.

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash
Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Just A Few Simple Steps

  • Remove Bird Feeders
  • Keep Garbage Cans Indoors
  • Remove Grease Cans From Grills
  • Do Not Leave Pet Food Outside

Watch What Happens

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, or DEC, had advised that all bird feeders be removed from yards by April 1st. The video above shows exactly why. These bears are after any food source they can find, regardless of how small it may be.

On the rim

That video alone should offer proof that native bears in New York could very well end up passing through any random neighborhood. In the video, it doesn't seem that home is in a very wooded area. It doesn't matter, bears will roam through communities this time of year looking for food according to the DEC.

We are just at the start of spring, will you be taking down your bird feeder?

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