It's time to get nostalgic about the fun you had as a child with your favorite toys. It's easy to remember the ones you had to most fun with, right? I know it is for me. I can easily recall the toys I got the most fun out of that really stood the test of time in the amount hours I spent playing with them: Fisher-Price Little People, Matchbox cars, and LEGOS. These are the toys I probably spent the most time enjoying as a kid.

It's fun to think back on our childhood years of simple, fun, play when nothing else mattered and that's why the Strong National Museum of Play created the "National Toy Hall of Fame" where each year, people get to vote on which nominated toys or play-things should receive a place in the Toy Hall of Fame.

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Here were the 12 Finalists toys nominated in 2021:
- American Girl Dolls
- Battleship
- Billiards
- Cabbage Patch Kids
- Fisher-Price Corn Popper
- Mahjong
- Masters of the Universe
- Piñata (really?)
- Risk ( I dub this board game the worst one ever!)
- Sand (the word "toy" is used loosely as it relates to this finalist but remember playing with sand? Of course you do!)
- The Settlers of Catan (say what?! Never heard of this one)
- Toy Fire Engine

After making the prediction that inductees would be American Girl Dolls, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, and Sand, I ended up getting two out of three which is not bad. After people voted on the Museum of Play's website for the top three, the 2021 winners which were recently announced are:

American Girl Dolls

Credit: Museum of Play
Credit: National Museum of Play


Credit: Museum of Play
Credit: National Museum of Play


Credit: National Toy Hall of Fame
Credit: National Museum of Play

After making my prediction for this year's inductees, I can't believe Risk got in! I tried playing that game on only a couple of occasions in my life and hated the experience both times. There's nothing easy about Risk. It's a cerebral game of strategy and about as fun in my opinion as stubbing my toe on bedpost. No thanks. Obviously, many people feel very differently than I do about Risk.

I recommend checking out all the inductees because it's fun and will take you back. I guarantee you'll be smiling while you peruse previous winners. I also recommend visiting The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester because it's the most fun I've ever had at a museum.

CLICK HERE to take a look.

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