Oh, yes, we are feeling a little old today. We'd feel a little better if we could have any of these awesome products today.





How great were these? I remember as a kid popping off the top and chugging them like they were water. These were the perfect lunch drink for kids.




Mountain Dew Pitch Black



When you needed a pick-me-up, there wasn't much better than Mountain Dew Pitch black. Although, in my experience, it often gave me a stomach ache. Still so good.


Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Theimpulsivebuy, Flickr

Pepsi Blue



This tasted horrible, looked horrible and was an otherwise epic failure. However, if it were to return to stores tomorrow, guess who would be in line to buy it?


Pepsi Blue





Keeping with the sodas is this awesome can. Talk about an energy rush. This was almost as intense as jolt, but tasted a lot more like Mountain Dew. Good stuff, now gone forever.



Magnus Kolstad, Flickr

Oreo O's



Need we say more. This cereal didn't care if your kid was hyper, it celebrated it!


P.B. Crisps



I would eat these by the bag, especially on long car rides. These were perfection and I don't know why they aren't around anymore.


Shark Bites



If you were a kid or had a kid in the 90s, these were in the lunch bag. They were also a popular Halloween handout in my house.


Cinn-a-Burst Gum



This is still the most powerful gum I ever had. So good, so hot, so on fire. The ad campaign, though, could have used some work.


Urkel O's



In doing research, we had never heard of these, but the commercial was too great to pass up. Who wouldn't want to eat these?


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