Vinnie Vincent announced the addition of a “full shred” set to his comeback show, which takes place at Graceland in Memphis on Dec. 7.

The former Kiss guitarist had previously announced that the performance would be an acoustic-only affair, with special guest Robert Fleischman, an ex-member of Vinnie Vincent Invasion. “Vinnie Vincent performs live for the first time in 30 years, singing and performing his songs acoustically and full shred from Kiss, the Invasion and more!” a message on his website reads.

In answer to the question “Why acoustic?” the site replied,“Vinnie hasn't played live on stage in over 30 years, and the truth is he really enjoys playing  and singing songs he wrote or co-wrote like ‘A Million to One,’ ‘Tears,’ ‘Back on the Streets,’ ‘That Time of Year,’ ‘I Still Love You’ and others acoustically. Add in a special guest or two to the mix that night, and it promises to make for an awesome evening.”

Fleischman said earlier this year that he had doubts about trying to deliver a full-power set. “I know a lot of people would want the whole electric version,” he explained. “You really have to put it together for something like that, because once you go that route, everyone’s critical coat comes on. … I can’t run as fast as I could then, I don’t fit in the same pants. To expect me to just go up there and wail, I just don’t see myself doing that. I could do some songs but [others] I probably couldn’t do because I’m an old guy now.”

Vincent said several months ago that he was planning to return to the “shred circuit” and that, although it was taking time to arrange, he was aiming to hit the road in early 2019. He recently filed trademark applications for the phrase “Vinnie Vincent’s Kiss.” Some tickets remain on sale for the standalone show, which has a capacity of 450, with prices ranging from $65 to $95, and a meet-and-greet option costing $199.

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