What freaks you out? Seeing a snake slithering through the garden? Encountering a bat while exploring a barn? How about a spider hitching a ride on your body and relocating to your home? That is one way the Joro Spider left Asia and started its invasion of North America. Is New York State next? Most likely, yes.

You won't hear it when it comes but you will know it's here. First you will see one, then a few followed by too many! Oh and it's BIG. Hold out your hand, palm up. The Joro Spider is big enough to cover your palm and sometimes more.

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When you spot a spider with yellow and blue stripes and a touch of red, it is quite possible you have located a Joro Spider, aka Trichonephila clavata, These guys have been in Georgia for a number of years but that has been their problem. Soon the problem could be ours.

According to Wikipedia, the Joro Spider is not aggressive but they do bite and that bite can be very painful. Here is the good news, you won't die.

According to CNN, the Joro Spider is not harmful to humans. They use their venom to poison insects. Not for fun but for food. If you begin to see the Joro here in New York State keep a broom handy. They create huge webs which can be a hassle for you, me and some insects.

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