During one of my recent conversations with a few co-workers (yes, we do take a break from gossip and other conversations to work...sometimes), we got on the topic of favorite foods and places to go for a great meal.

Of course, the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania has so many options for great food. I wonder if you were to eat at every place that sells food, one per day, how many days would it take? I'd love to take that challenge, but that would probably be a bit too overwhelming.

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What about a roundtrip Upstate New York food road trip? That would be fun. It might take a few days to complete but would be totally worth it, spending a day in each Upstate New York city. So, I came up with what I would like my food road trip to be like.

It begins in Binghamton of course, heads northeast to the Albany area, then west through Utica/Rome, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and then back east through Corning, Ithaca and Cortland before heading back home to Binghamton.

Maybe you've been to some or all these restaurants and tried their signature dishes. If not, well when you are in their city, I suggest you do. As of this writing, I'm assuming they are all still open. Check ahead before visiting any.

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