The National Park Service has provided an update today on the state of the West Branch of the Delaware River following a train derailment in the Town of Deposit early yesterday morning.  On its way to Binghamton, a train with 4 locomotives and 63 railcars derailed west of Hale Eddy Road in the Town of Deposit, New York.

It is estimated that about 4000 gallons of diesel fuel leaked into the West Branch of the Delaware River and was carried into Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River.  The diesel fuel has been observed on the river as far south as Lordville, NY.

The National Park Service assessment of the situation is that because the river flow is high, much of the oil has been carried out of the park but that there may be residual oil in areas of the river where the water flow is slow.  The NPS asks that property owners keep an eye out for any oil and report it to National Park Service Superintendent Kris Heister at 570-729-8251 ext. 2225.

Keep in mind that there are no restrictions on recreational use of the river, although it is recommended by the NPS that people just use rafts and must wear properly fitting life jackets/vests.  .

National Park Service
National Park Service

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