Our area communities have been hit with some unusually large fires recently.  All hands have chipped in to help. For example, the recent major fire at the Holiday Lanes bowling center in Oneonta brought more than 20 companies to the scene in mutual aid to battle that blaze.

Last week, the small village of Deposit, NY experienced what has been described as "one of the largest fires in the villages recent history."  To make matters even worse, the fire was in a residential neighborhood.

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According to the Facebook page of the Deposit Fire Department, fire fighters responded to the blaze shortly after 11:00 a.m. on Friday April 9.  By the time fire companies were done battling the spreading fire, the flames had involved four separate properties, four houses, two garages as well as three vehicles.  One of the major contributors to the quick spread of the fire and spreading so far was due to building construction going on, as well as the dry weather conditions, and the close proximity of the neighborhood homes.  Several fires were burning simultaneously.  There was a great loss of personal property, but thanks in part to the professional fire response, there was no loss of life.

Among the area fire departments that played a role in battling this large fire are Deposit, Windsor, Harpursville, West Windsor, Masonville, Hancock, Five Mile Point, and Susquehanna fire companies.  Sidney, Trout Creek and Oquaga fire companies operated in a stand-by role.  The New York State Police and the Broome County Sheriff's Department assisted at the scene.

For more on this devastating fire in the village of Deposit, visit their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE

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