Unemployed New Yorkers are facing some challenges that will add new hurdles to get over in the coming months. The additional $300 weekly benefit from the government will cease in September or sooner and most residents collecting benefits, once again, have work-search requirements.

The New York Department of Labor states that if you are to continue collecting unemployment benefits you must be actively looking for work and be ready, willing, and able to work. Here are some examples of what is required of you:

  • Must complete at least three work search activities each week
  • Each of the three activities must be done on different days of the week
  • Applying for a job in person with employers who are expected to have openings
  • Submitting a job application and/or resume in response to a want ad
  • Attending job search seminars
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CNBC reports that, although the additional $300 benefits are scheduled to last through September, currently over 20 states have decided to pull those extra benefits due to concerns that people do not have an incentive to resume employment.

Anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits, - President Biden

Many are saying "there are plenty of jobs out there" but the truth is, there are approximately 8 million fewer jobs available today as compared to the pre-pandemic workforce. For more information regarding unemployment insurance click HERE

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