Chances are good if you live in Otsego County, you've seen the Tickled Pink BBQ food truck at an event along the way and maybe even enjoyed their pulled pork and salt potatoes. This Cooperstown based food truck and catering company is bringing their food products to a Tickled Pink store currently under construction (pictured below) in Hartwick Seminary on Route 28 across from the Cooperstown Commons according to AllOTSEGO.

Tickled Pink BBQ is operated by "pit master" Chris Doucas and started out operating out of a pink bus at the Barnyard Swing in Hartwick Seminary, outside of Cooperstown. Personally, I love their pulled pork and welcome a store where we can purchase Tickled Pink products.

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Credit: Jim Kevlin, AllOTSEGO
Credit: Jim Kevlin, AllOTSEGO

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