Despite increased efforts and constant searches, Matt Sisson has still not been found.

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Matt has been missing since Friday, January 26th. He left Bassett Medical Center on that date at around 7am. He hasn't been seen or heard from since. He doesn't have a phone on him. When he was seen last, he was wearing a dark blue EMS jacket. Matt is 6'1, 190 pounds, and is bald with brown eyes. He's possibly quite sick and very confused. He is experiencing symptoms related to a perforated appendix.

If you see or have seen Matt, or a man fitting this description, please call 911 right away.

Matt's niece Kate Stankiewicz has become the de facto spokesperson for the search. Through update posts on the Help Find Matt Sisson Facebook groups, she has spoken of search efforts and answered all of the inevitable questions that have piled up from the general public.

In one post, Stankiewicz noted that Bassett has confirmed that Matt left the facility and has not returned. She assured the group that he's not hiding in a closet or being held in the psych ward. She went on to say that she reviewed security camera footage, and saw Matt walking towards the bank of the Susquehanna River behind the hospital.

Help Find Matt Sisson via Facebook
Help Find Matt Sisson via Facebook

Stankiewicz feels that Matt isn't out walking the streets. She theorizes that he's hunkered down somewhere due to pain from his appendix issue. She went on to urge property owners along the river to check their properties for him.

Earlier today, Stankiewicz posted that she received word from a state trooper friend that a large scale search will be launched tomorrow. She claims that "every available resource will be in Cooperstown" to assist the search. The post also says that there will be a number of dogs and extra hands from Troop C along with drones and helicopters.

Residents noted a helicopter being used to search for Matt flying over various locations surrounding Cooperstown including Milford, Oneonta, and Cherry Valley.



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