One of my favorite things to do is to get my girlfriend and our dog in the car and head out for a ride. We randomly head either North, South, East or West with no particular place to go. Recently we passed a road sign for the Rensselear County town of Stephentown, New York.

I had to blow it around and take another look. Did that sign say what I thought it said? Yes! The sign declared; Welcome to the only Stephentown on earth! Could that be? How could this be the only Stephentown on earth? I had to do some research.

Photo - Lainie Rae
Photo - Lainie Rae

Based on everything I could find it is indeed accurate that Stephentown, New York is the only Stephentown on earth! The town used to be called Jericho Hallow but that's when it belonged to Massachusetts. When we took over it was renamed Stephentown after Stephen Van Rensselaer.

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While doing my research I found other towns around the United States that are truly unique for one reason or another.

  • Nameless, TN - Legend has it that Nameless got the name when the community was in disagreement as what to name it. So when they filled out the application and sent it to Washington without a name, then Washington stamped it Nameless and sent it back.
  • Santa Clause, IN - The story goes that the name started as a joke on the United States Postal Service, which had refused the town name of Santa Fe on the grounds there couldn't be two in a single state. Since then, Santa Claus has embraced its name with street names such as Christmas Boulevard and Kringle Place.
  • Metropolis, IL - This town has a 15-foot bronze statue of the Man of Steel, a newspaper called The Metropolis Planet, and even hosts an annual Superman celebration.
  • Scottsboro, AL - This is the "Lost Luggage Capital of the World."! Ever wonder what happened to your luggage on that last flight you took? It probably went to Scottsboro, home of the Unclaimed Baggage Center.

Every town has their own thing. As for Stephentown, New York their thing is being one of a kind, literally the only one on earth. That is pretty cool.


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