Remember when everyone was up in arms over the plastic bag ban back at the start of the Covid pandemic? Well, expect a similar freakout over this new ban that will be taking effect on Styrofoam.

Do you like getting a hot coffee in a styrofoam cup? That's soon to be gone. Do you like grabbing takeout in a foam container? That's done too. What about sending something breakable through the mail with packing peanuts as a cushion....nope, forget about that too.

Get ready to stay goodbye to that stuff: The ban goes into effect on January in 24 days it goes into effect.

I was at my favorite Chinese food place over the weekend and they had an entire room full of styrofoam containers that they bought before the ban goes into effect. I think they are able to use their current stock on hand after January 1st.

Containers banned under the law include bowls, cartons, hinged clamshell-style containers, cups, lids, plates, trays, and any other product made of styrofoam.

The ban also applies to caterers, food carts, food trucks, retail food stores, delis, grocery stores, cafeterias, coffee shops, hospitals, adult care facilities, nursing homes, schools, colleges, and more, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Full details are available online.

I know this is an inconvenience, but it will help the trash problem that we have in New York. It is better for the environment and will also encourage the development of more biodegradable forms of containers.

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