We all know that inflation in our economy promises a general rise in prices over time but here is a list of items that will go up significantly this year according to DealNews.  It's quite a range of items and the reasons vary:

Bourbon - demand has been increasing and since bourbon takes time to age, a price hike naturally follows.
Beef and pork (including bacon) - due to higher feed prices and cost of raising livestock
Avacados - more people are eating them so once again a simple case of supply and demand.
Chocolate - cocoa shortage due to a West African drought, along with increased demand.
Air Travel - with an improving economy and airlines operating at full capacity (shouldn't they always be?) prices are going up, just because they can.
Hotels - since travel is up and unemployment is down, rates go up so enjoy!
FedEx and UPS Fees - due to dimensional weight pricing this year so all package pricing, not just those bigger than three cubic feet will be based on the amount of space it takes up, not just weight.
Coffee - This is thanks to a drought in Brazil.
Olive Oil - In 2014, Italy experienced the worst drought in a very long time.
Girl Scout Cookies - What?!  Ok, I guess it's for a good cause.
Healthcare - Duh.  You'd better put away the junk food now since you won't be able to afford healthcare.

If you're feeling depressed at this point, take heart.  At least gas prices are low right now.

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