Some of the most beautiful places in Upstate New York can be found at our many golf courses. For the most part they are all stunning, and historic. Some of the country clubs and golf courses in the following gallery date back to the 1800s.

Even if you are not a golfer, you will certainly fawn over the stunning golf course and country clubs depicted for each entry. Sweeping views of the Adirondacks. Some courses offer a painter's view of the Hudson River. Small towns with great, Gilded Age country clubs in places like Victor, Cooperstown, Lewiston, Conklin, and Sleepy Hollow. Each is as pretty as a postcard.

There are many rankings of the best golf courses in New York State floating around out there. From golf magazines, to online websites and blogs, you can pick and choose among a wide variety of "best of" lists. Surprisingly (and I have checked many of them) almost all the golf courses listed below are also ranked on other sites as well. So I think there is a general consensus as to which ones are the best.

For this gallery we used a website called Top 100 Golf Courses, in association with sports business TaylorMade. We like this list because each entry (and they cover the entire state) is accompanied by some very interesting course data, history, and trivia. The website we used is linked throughout the gallery so you can check in and see where other courses also ranked.

Have you played any of these great Upstate New York golf courses?

RANKED: Top 25 Golf Courses in Upstate New York

There are numerous "best golf course" lists circulating. These are proposed by popular golf magazines, websites, golf professionals, and others. Surprisingly, almost all of them agree on the best New York courses, with some moving one particular course up or down slightly in their rankings.

I like this list of Top 100 Golf Courses online in association with sports company TaylorMade. I like it because for each entry they also put a bit of course history in their comments section. Each of the top 25 golf courses in Upstate New York (in this gallery) have a link "to the list" so you can see other courses, not in Upstate, and where they ranked.

Note: This featured gallery includes just the top 25 for Upstate New York, but there are others, so be sure and check "the list."

Have you played any of these great golf courses?

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