Mention the Pixies to any alternative rock fan worth a toss and you'll most likely be met with elation and anecdotes of the first time they heard "Gigantic" or "Monkey Gone to Heaven". Lucky for us, the band is coming to Cooperstown's Brewery Ommegang on Friday, August 25th. Get tickets here.

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A Foundational Alternative Rock Band

Formed in Chicago in 1986, the influence of the Pixies cannot be disputed. We'll go ahead and put them on the shelf next to the Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, Husker Du, et al. It's said that just about everyone who bought a Pixies record back in the early days went on to start a band. Their songwriting formula went on to influence the generation of alternative rock acts that went on to break through to the mainstream. One fan of the Pixies that did just that was Kurt Cobain. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for all intents and purposes was by Cobain's own admission a blatant effort to rip off the Pixies stylistically and sonically.

The Pixies Come to Cooperstown, NY

Rock fans rejoice, this seminal band will be playing this week right in our backyard at Brewery Ommegang. It's not often that such star power and influence graces the stage in Otsego County. Indie rock stalwarts Modest Mouse and rocker Cat Power will be opening the show. General admission tickets priced at $59.50 are still available. Of course, during the show concertgoers will have the pleasure of sampling Brewery Ommegang's legendary beer and food.

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