Ever since there have been motor vehicles on the road, there have been recalls. I've had the experience of a few with some of my vehicles in the past and even had one with my current travel trailer.

It seems the vent on the back wall of my travel trailer wasn't big enough to handle the venting of the refrigerator. So the entire back wall had to be taken off by the maintenance department of the RV Dealer where I bought my travel trailer before the larger vent could be installed. Thankfully, it wasn't on my dime, but rather my travel trailer manufacturer. That would have been a big expense.

There is a new vehicle recall out now according to Consumer Reports. The recall involves an issue with the turn signals of some Hyundai Sonatas, Hybrids, and Plug-in Hybrids, along with Kia Sedona Mini-vans from the years 2015 to 2017, involving over 460,000 vehicles.

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Apparently, it's because the turn signal may activate the wrong way. The intended turn signal used by the driver could in fact trigger the opposite signal. That could be bad, causing an accident, and the driver may not even know why it happened.

It makes me wonder if I encountered one of those vehicles earlier this week. A driver in from of me on Main Street Binghamton activated the left turn signal, and then immediately turned right. Or was it just a mental lapse? Possibly. I don't have a lot of faith in people's driving habits much anymore.

As for the recall, Consumer Reports suggests that owners of these vehicle recalls, contact the manufacturer. For more information and to check on any possible current vehicle recalls, visit the  NHTSA website.

via Consumer Reports, NHTSA

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