There are so many scams that come and go and come around again that it can make your head spin. On top of that, scammers are so clever that they know just how to reel people in.  I just came across the "Grandparent Scam" this week when someone I know in Oneonta, NY contacted me to inform me about her parents nearly falling for a scam where a caller told her mother that her grandson was in jail and they needed her to send a Walmart card to post his bond.  Then my contact told me that not only were her parents almost victim to this scam, but her brother's wife and four college graduates she knows were ready to send money after being called and enticed with very similar scams.

The Grandparent scam seems to vary in terms of the set up.  It might be a pretend grandchild or some other relative calling or a second party trying to secure "cash for bond" or some other type of financial help for that individual.  It might be a phone call or an email.  Either way, don't fall for it!

The Consumer Federation of America has tips on how to avoid falling prey to this scam and the techniques they use to be convincing.  CLICK HERE to learn how to avoid being scammed.

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