I don't know about you, but I find modern day euphemisms for sex to be dull or just downright crude.  Perhaps we need to bring back some fun and gentler terms from the 1800's to bring the romance back into talking about sex. 

The Best euphemisms for sex from the 1800's

  • Amorous congress (no real politics involved)
  • Basket-making
  • Bread and butter (they sure loved their food references)
  • Brush, as in "Yeah, we had a brush once."
  • Face-making
  • Blanket hornpipe
  • Convivial society
  • Take a flyer
  • Giving her the green gown - doing it in on the grass.
  • Melting moments
  • Pully hawly - A series of affairs.
  • Making a stitch (and we're not talking sewing)


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